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Nearly 85% of B2B executives use social communities to research their purchase decisions. 

With social communities playing such a large role in your Buyer Journey, how do you ensure you’re engaging prospects within the right communities, building trust with them, and driving them to a conversion?

The secret is our prescriptive TABLO methodology. It comes down to crafting accurate Buyer Personas, understanding your Buyer Journey, having the right Content Strategy, and Gameplan. Then closing the loop using best-fit social marketing technology.

We’ve been helping clients succeed with community marketing since 2008. Our dynamic team of consultants has experience across an array of verticals, including Manufacturing, Software & IT, Communications & Media, Insurance & Health Care, and Financial Services.

But we’re not an agency. We’re consultants who specialize in community marketing strategy and supporting marketing operations. Regardless of what stage your team is at, our consultants can help you get to the next level with your social marketing efforts, enabling you to build trust, drive leads, and accelerate the Buyer Journey.

Curious about what goes into a good B2B social media strategy?

Social Media Strategy


Clients work with us in one or more of our five TABLO disciplines:


We offer half- and full day community marketing workshops. Our consultants work with you to design talks, interactive exercises, and breakout sessions. Topics may include a combination of social marketing trends, best practices & case studies from your industry, and social marketing technology tutorials.

Community marketing training workshops are most effective with 50 or fewer participants. Audiences range from cross-functional employees to leadership teams to association members. Sessions are conducted in-person, and virtual sessions are available to enable speed, scale, and flexibility.

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Our industry-leading Community Marketing Scorecard helps you understand where your content marketing strengths lie, where you have knowledge gaps, and provides action items for 30-, 60-, and 90-days.

The social marketing assessment scores every stage of your community marketing, from strategy, to activation, management, and measurement. It also covers your specific industry and competitive set for a 360 degree view.

We don’t just provide the insights. We provide actionable next steps for your team to execute on. Define buyer personas, map your Buyer Journey, launch a social marketing platform, and other key initiatives that you can execute within a month or two, based on where you are today.

The output is the Community Marketing Scorecard. A summation of our social marketing expertise, best practices from your industry’s leaders, and a launch pad for your community marketing efforts.

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The Blueprint is the cornerstone of Socialight Media consulting. It provides an agile 12-month strategic plan for achieving your goals through community marketing.

The Blueprint provides insight into your Buyer Journey, Community Matrix, and the subconscious motivators of your buyers. End-to-end, the Blueprint gets your team aligned on goals & objectives, budgets, community marketing operations, the optimal Community Strategy, and the ideal Gameplan for the next year.

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With your Blueprint in place, you’ll likely have an array of top-priority initiatives staring back at you. Our consultants can help you get off the ground with engagements that span marketing operations, technology implementation, customer support, and sales enablement.

By their nature, Launch Initiatives weave through discipline areas, from content marketing, to social community marketing, to influencer marketing, to marketing automation. A single engagement may contain several Launch Initiatives.

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Our team can also help operationalize your social marketing efforts with community management services and social marketing technology consultation.

Launch Initiatives:

  • Monthly Community Management (at right)
  • Social Marketing Technology (at right)
  • Community Growth Plan
  • Influencer Mapping & Analysis
  • Customer & Employee Advocate Campaigns
  • Online Reputation Management Programs

Monthly Community Management:

  • Social Calendar Creation & Optimization
  • Real-Time Community Engagement
  • Customer/Prospect/Candidate Routing
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Customer Support
  • Conversion Tracking

Social Marketing Technology:

  • Social Community Management
  • Social Listening & Monitoring
  • Social Measurement & Analytics
  • Influencer & Advocate Management
  • Social Advertising & Optimization
  • All-In-One Social Marketing Platforms


Our team can help optimize your community marketing efforts through reporting, testing, analysis, and collaborative insights sessions.

The two keys to optimization are understanding what metrics matter based on your team’s goals, and benchmarking your performance against your closest competitors. Our consultants can help you with both.

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Scorecards, Trend Reports, Checklists, and more, to help you build trust, generate leads, and drive revenue through Content & Community Marketing.

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