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If you don’t have a Content Blueprint, then you simply can’t measure the ROI of your social marketing efforts. Based on our recent study, the 2015 State of B2B Social Marketing, we found that most B2B marketers do not have a documented content strategy. In followup interviews, we discovered that while most have specific goals for the marketing content that they create, they do not know what content themes perform well, what content formats are most effective, and what channels drive the most leads.

This is where a Content Blueprint comes to the rescue.

The Content Blueprint can be designed for a one or multiple lines of business, and it encompasses all audiences and influencers to the buyer journey. It answers:

  • What are your top-level business goals? What is your Content Mission Statement?
  • Who are the firm’s buyers and personas for this product or service?
  • What questions do they ask at each stage of their journey, from Awareness, to Consideration, to Evaluation, to Decision, to Loyalty?
  • In what social communities are they conducting research? Remember, all digital communities are now social, from the corporate blog, to message boards & forums, to ratings & reviews sites.
  • Who are the key influencers to their decision-making process?
  • How are competitors seeing success across content marketing and social communities?
  • What content formats are best at each stage of the journey? Case studies? Whitepapers? Webinars?
  • Who are your in-house subject matter experts? What’s the process for engaging them?
  • How do you define a lead for this line of business?
  • How are you measuring success on each channel?


The Content Blueprint is a digital artifact that everyone within the organization can touch and use. It creates cross-functional alignment and defines Marketing’s purpose behind content and social communities.

It’s also iterative because change is a constant – every year the business is in a new place, as is the competitive landscape, as are its buyers and the social communities in which they engage one another. To borrow from Heraclitus, “the river has changed, and so has the man.”

Does your firm have a documented content strategy? Contact us today to learn more about how a Content Blueprint can provide a hard ROI for your content and community marketing efforts.





Jed SingerJed Singer is the President of Socialight Media Marketing. He has been keeping his clients at the forefront of social marketing since 2006. He has worked with the world’s largest brands and organizations, including P&G, MasterCard, ESPN, and Humana. His team crafts award winning campaigns and designs strategies for community building, customer engagement, and lead generation that connect social to sales.