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All social platforms are not equal, nor do they carry the same weight among B2B marketers. Because of their real-time nature, micro- blogging platforms, such as Twitter, are highly valuable to marketers for augmenting or enhancing customer service and customer experience.

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Corporate blogs, on the other hand, given their long-form nature and search engine optimization value, create enormous benefit at multiple stages of the Buyer Journey, like the Comparison and Decision stages.

Among participating B2B marketers, the overwhelming majority indicated that LinkedIn was the most critical platform to their social marketing success, at 94%. While this, in itself, was to be expected, as LinkedIn is touted as the social network for business, the way in which firms were using the LinkedIn platform was surprising.

In follow up interviews with participants, most were using LinkedIn as a way to galvanize employees, rather than to market to potential customers.

With the gold mine of professional data that LinkedIn houses, leveraging the platform as a method of qualifying leads for Sales, identifying talent for Human Resources, and as a resource for Customer Insights seems like the ideal state that many B2B marketers are aiming for, but where few have arrived.

The main barrier today is a lack of deeper Marketing integration with the firm’s other departments. Siloed organizations see Marketing as simply the mouthpiece of the brand, rather than as an agent of market insight within the firm.

The social web has enabled Marketing to constantly be listening to and monitoring what is being said across the buyer journey by customers, influencers, and media about their products and their industry.

This insight represents possibly the biggest opportunity for B2B marketers, and one that all firms will be striving to capitalize on in 2016. Once Marketing has the right people, process, and technology in place, then the firm will truly be able to maximize the value of social platforms and data to optimize efforts across the entire organization.

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